Our Branding Initiative

The project is to develop a community-wide branding strategy for the City of Fayetteville, Cumberland County and community brand partners.

The Fayetteville Cumberland Collaborative Branding Committee (FCCBC) is leading the effort and consists of representatives from the City of Fayetteville, Cumberland County, the Tourism Development Authority, Crown Complex, Chamber of Commerce, Arts Council, Convention & Visitors Bureau, Vision 2026, Cool Spring Downtown District and the Fayetteville Cumberland County Economic Development Corporation.



We are conducting research inside and outside of the community to uncover the who, what, where and why surrounding Fayetteville/Cumberland County.


We will then leverage all of that data (hundreds of pages) to articulate Fayetteville/Cumberland County’s strategic positioning and develop compelling creative to support it.


Next begins the roll-out of the new brand not just through external communications but into the fabric of our community.



Since February, the Fayetteville-Cumberland County Branding Committee (FCCBC) has been busy with an immersive process of research, insight formation and brand strategy development. This Committee includes representatives from the City, County and 9 community organizations.  

Community branding consultant North Star has led a process of in-depth qualitative and quantitative research both inside and outside our community, via individual conversations, focus groups and surveys (with the largest focused on local residents). These touch points and numerous community meeting conversations allowed more than 4,000 voices to be heard. The immersion process also included market opportunity analysis and competitive analysis. The research phase has led to a Strategic DNA articulation that will be the foundation for the brand's creative development and activation planning.

With consensus on the Strategic DNA, North Star will now lead the creative development phase of the engagement. This phase will include the creation of messaging, taglines, logos, a brand narrative, and a variety of creative deliverables for application by the Fayetteville, Cumberland County and partnering stakeholders.

Equally important to these creative expressions of the brand will be the strategic activation ideas and plans that North Star will develop. While the creative elements are symbols of the new Fayetteville-Cumberland County brand, the driving force of the brand will be how it is brought to life in the community and the outside marketplace.

North Star is targeting first quarter 2020 for the completion of its work.

If you are interested in supporting the branding process, please click here to become a Brand Ambassador.

ABOUT OUR BRANDING INITIATIVE - The Fayetteville Cumberland Collaborative Branding Committee (FCCBC) is a partnership of the City of Fayetteville, Cumberland County, the Tourism Development Authority, Crown Complex, Chamber of Commerce, Arts Council, Convention & Visitors Bureau, Vision 2026, Cool Spring Downtown District, Cumberland County Schools, and the Fayetteville Cumberland County Economic Development Corporation. Together, they are working to create a unified brand platform. Designed to communicate our strengths, celebrate our diversity, and convey our potential, this work will be used to attract new businesses, residents, and tourists while showcasing the best aspects of our community.


Are a brand and a logo different?

A brand is not a logo or a tagline. A brand is a set of ideas and images (such as a logo) that set an expectation of what our community is about. Our brand is our unique story.

Why so much research?  

Data is the primary driver for uncovering Fayetteville/Cumberland County’s brand. A statistically significant body of quantitative and qualitative research ensures the brand is informed by the reality of the perceptions from all consumers, residents and stakeholders.

How can I be a part of this?

We have already completed the Community Survey. Thank you to our 3,000+ respondents. If you missed the community survey you can still sign up to be a Brand Ambassador. Click here to be a Brand Ambassador.

What is community branding?

Your community brand is a combination of emotional and intellectual reactions to all the different experiences, marketing communications and behaviors people have encountered on behalf of your community. Branding is the process a community embarks upon to change, refine or improve what people are saying.  

The idea of community branding is deceptively simple: use a community’s greatest strength to create a consistent memorable identity that will help propel the town to its preferred future. However, the process of branding is much more complex. The best identities are grounded in reality but aspirational in vision. They bridge the past and the present with an eye toward the future. They are uncovered and brought to life through a process that unites rather than divides. And they serve the interests of diverse groups within the community with different agendas.

Of course, branding is not a panacea for all ills. It cannot eradicate racial discord or turn a culturally desolate city into a cultural mecca. What branding can do is focus people on the positive differentiator in your community, which can help it stand out relative to the competition. And that differentiator does not necessarily have to be a huge visible asset like endless retail or incredible skiing. Perhaps your community boasts a more relaxed pace or excellent value for families. Creatively presented in a unique and memorable way, these characteristics can make people want to spend their time, their money . . . even their lives there.

Can you share some examples of community branding?

You can see numerous examples on our partner's (North Star Destination Strategies) website here!


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How do I get Involved?

Your opinions are critical. The initial portion of this process is dedicated entirely to research. Central to this research is all of your input, your stories, your cherished memories about our community and more

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